For Men and Women of ANY Age, Shape and Size…  

Discover Proven Training Methods Used By Elite Sporting Teams…Now You Too Can Use Them To Get The Health And Body You Really Want

Introducing….DaJungleBlitz 6 week Challenge…Proven Methods…Shortcut Training Secrets That Boost Strength, Flexibility, Energy & Fitness With Visible Results!  

If you’ve been searching for a way to get into the best shape of your life and finally enjoy the confidence and body you’ve always deserved.  Then you’re in the right place at the right time.

We all know that there is some absolute rubbish out there and Alice In Wonder Land stories when it comes to getting in shape and what type of exercise you need to do.  

What you’ll discover below about The ZUU training methods is they are 100% "Results Based Training".

How can I make such a claim?

For the past 2 years now we have been exclusively hired by elite sporting teams in Australia from NRL, ARU, AFL and other sporting areas to get results with their athletes.

At this elite level if your training methods don’t deliver results your out the door faster than a Fighter Jet breaking the sound barrier.  

Here’s just a small taste of how ZUU training gives you the body shape you want.  

  • Increase your lean body tissue
  • Raise your metabolism
  • Get your body burning through calories like a red-hot furnace
  • Feel alive again
  • Increase your strength and muscle tone
  • And develop unshakable confidence as your body becomes toned and tight

If you’re ready to make the commitment to yourself to follow through with this training then I’m ready to commit 100% to you.  

A Word Of Warning

When you give yourself permission to be in the best shape of your life you give up things, like excuses, not making time for yourself and feeling like crap.


DaJungleBlitz is designed by ZUU Creator Nathan Helberg

"Having lost 22kgs myself, I know what it takes to build your best body ever."

I do this for a living with athletes & coaches who are looking for cutting edge, time efficient training styles that are no nonsense, results based.

The exercises & the format of the workouts will cut through the crap & Blitz results for you too.

Here’s what Elite Sports have to say about Zuu’s training:

"We at the Sharks will continue to incorporate components of ZUU throughout the upcoming season. On a personal note I hope that no other teams decide to incorporate ZUU in their training and we are the only ones to benefit, however in saying that I have no hesitation in recommending ZUU training to enhance physical qualities in any athlete regardless of the sport." - Trent Elkin, Cronulla Sharks


"Nathan Helberg's ZUU Training is without doubt the most innovative, effective form of bodyweight training I have experienced in my 10 years as a strength and conditioning coach." - Charlie Higgins, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Western Force

Now you can experience ZUU’s top level secret training methods without

leaving the comfort of your home...

If you’re ready to get your best body ever this Summer, DON'T WASTE ANYMORE TIME,

get started now.

Let’s look at exactly what our 6 Week Challenge has in store for you.


DaJungleBlitz workout DVD’s are specifically designed to

increase fat burning while building lean muscle.

So let’s get started with DVD 1 (week 1-2)

In week 1 & 2 we’ll get your journey started by showing you the exercises that will fast track your goals. Each DVD starts by explaining the format of the workout simply for you to understand.

Because we’ll show you fat burning exercises that will target your whole body, each workout will be incredibly time efficient. Perfect for those of you that are time poor.

We’ll then show you exercises that’ll specifically build lean muscle while others target your cardio system. Which means you don’t have to run for miles & miles to get the results your looking for.

DVD 1 is going to pack a punch in Jump Starting Your Metabolism To Burn Calories Fast

✔ Time efficient – Get More Done In Less Time

✔ Fast Track Your Fitness

✔ Scientifically Proven To Get Faster Results

Plus this workout can be done in your backyard, in a park or even on the beach so you can even hit the water anywhere to cool off!

In week 3 and 4 you’ll be really starting to see results and 
feel fitter already!

DVD 2 (week 3-4):

Here’s just a snippet of how our Bonus Exercises Will Get Results For You

  • Waistline: flatten and tones your stomach
  • Upper Arms: increases your strength & muscle tone
  • Upper Thighs: strips fat & tightens those buns
  • Flexibility: aches & pains vanish as your body & posture align
  • Save $$$: no need for expensive gym memberships or wasted equipment

Supercharge Your Metabolism & Catapult yourself to new levels of fitness & FAT burning

This new format keeps you sharp physically & mentally. Guaranteed to increase your mobility & strength which leads to massive amounts of fat burning.

Now you’ve free up all your joints due to the dynamic exercises. You’ll be activating all your smaller muscles meaning your core gets unbelievable benefits without the need for endless sit-ups.

DVD 2 Leaves You Feeling Energised & Alive Ready To Achieve Your Fitness Goals.

Remember This Workout Can Be Done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

In week 4 to 6 hold on tight as we sky rocket your results!

DVD 3 (week 4-6)

5 NEW exercises & new format to completely mix things up forcing your body to shed those unwanted kilo’s.

DVD 3 is a proven system to capitalise on your newfound strength & endurance meaning we burn the most amount of calories in the last 2 weeks.

This whole body workout shapes your arms, shoulders, back & thighs. It tightens your rock hard abs & brings your waistline in.

It will push you to your new limits of stamina, strength & endurance, but the GOOD NEWS is your health is the best it’s ever been & you're doing it for YOU.

✔ You're starting to do the things you’ve always wanted to.

✔ You’ve turned back the clock & looking & feeling younger

✔ Sleeping better & longer. It's automatic.

✔ You’ve doubled your strength & flexibility  Increased your self-confidence so you’re not only wearing the things you want but your self-belief helps you do the things you’ve always wanted.

DVD 3 unveils your newfound strength, shape, stamina, endurance, character and self confidence.

Here’s What A Few Happy Clients Have To Say About Our Methods…


I Lost Over 10 Kilo’s In Under A Month!

"It will blow your mind the change your body will go through over a short period of time. From Fat Loss and toning to Gaining Lean Muscle, not to mention the new clothes you’ll soon have to buy. ZUU rocks!"  - Glen Harradine

Now I’m Seeing The Results I Wanted…

"I was so sick of going to gyms and not getting the results I wanted. I had to spend so much time doing different body parts on different times. Now I get to workout my whole body in every session, which leaves me more time to do the things I love. My energy levels have gone through the roof and my motivation is at an all time high because I’m seeing the results I’ve always wanted."Sue Hammilton

So How Important Is Nutrition To Getting The Most Out 
Of My Training?

Nutrition is very important to achieving your goals. Trouble is there’s too much information & people try too many things to get results and don’t stick with one thing.

Sound Familiar?

The solution is to understand the principles of nutrition & why they work.

Let’s face it, being told what to eat is nowhere near as effective as understanding why you need to eat a certain way.

That means understanding how your body uses food groups in relation to training objectives.

For starters knowing what secrets athletes use everyday to get results that will work wonders for you and help you get results faster.

I’ll share with you…

✔ Secret formulas currently being used with elite athletes

✔ Help you understand the roles of protein in the body

✔ What to take directly after a workout to maximise FAT LOSS & muscle gain

Nutrition Secrets DVD

Secrets Exposed as you learn many of the PITFALLS people fall into.                  Like pieces of a puzzle being put together, we cut through all the rubbish that’s out there & show you how to get the best out of what you eat.

You’ll learn the same secret formulas being used with elite athletes to short track results.

We help you understand the roles of protein in the body & why that’s important to losing FAT.

Losing weight can come from fluid & muscle which is the last thing you want if your going for that toned or ripped look. Understanding why you need to eat complete protein is an absolute must to learn.

PLUS I’m also going to give you the 3 BONUS tools that is one of the key secrets to getting in shape.

Without any knowledge on what’s going into your body and how it helps with your exercise, you’re more or less driving a car on fumes.

You’ll then have the tools to get in shape for the rest of your life.

BONUS No 1. Nutrition workbook (normally valued at $69.00)

Our Nutrition workbook is one that we use with elite athletes. Like our nutrition DVD this workbook shows you how to maximise your results from training by eating certain foods at certain times. These are the formulas we use with athletes to achieve specific goals.

BONUS No 2. Nutrition eating plan (normally valued at $39.00)

Our Nutrition eating plan that will get you started straight away in the right direction. This 30 day guide shows many how far off people truly are when it comes to eating the right foods.  After the 30 days your knowledge from the nutrition DVD & nutrition workbook will be more then enough for you to start making the right food choices. You’ll have the POWER.

BONUS NO 3. Nutrition Log book (normally valued at $19.95)

Nutrition Log book to help you keep track of exactly what your eating or not eating correctly. Many believe they are eating correctly & often aren’t.  Taking the time to write it down in this log book makes it plain to see where you may have fallen into one of those PITFALLS we talked about. It’s also a fantastic reference for you to look back on some of the bad habit’s we’ll help you get rid of.

PLUS I’LL KEEP YOU ON TRACK EVERY WEEK (normally valued at $199)

Weekly emails/videos by ZUU creator & elite sports consultant Nathan Helberg to Jungle Blitz members. These straightforward emails are gems but for building mental resilience. Having lived the journey your about to take and lost a staggering 22kgs I understand what it takes to reach goals and the fastest way to do that. “It’s like having a professional coach the whole time!”





So now it’s over to you. What do you want? What are you willing to do? If you’ve been looking for a fitness program that you can do anywhere, anytime… a challenge that boosts your strength, flexibility and fitness no matter what your age, gender or body shape…and guarantees to get you in the best shape of your life, then DaJungle Blitz 6 Week Challenge is for you.

ALL of my top secrets components are normally priced well over $500.00 but for 29 fast action takers you’ll get it all for a special introductory price of only $297!!

And don’t forget, if you purchase DaJungle 6 Week Challenge, you’ll also get $347 worth of bonuses absolutely FREE.

So what are you waiting for I’m here to help you every step of the way. To order Hit The Buy Now button and let’s get your Best Body Ever.

Your Trainer
Nathan Helberg
ZUU creator & elite sports consultant