As ZUU sets to launch into attacking the problems facing Australia's youth, a man named "Zimo" sheds light on ZUU's affects having used it for years in the tertiary environment. 

In my travels I have trained with some of the best coaches in the world from many disciplines. In my top 3 I would place Aaron Zimmerle (Zimo).

Genuine skills across all aspects of Strength & Conditioning, instilling self belief in those he coaches, a delivery method thats unique, he is destined for greatness.

Respect is always earned & he will always have mine...Mentor&Friend...UssaChe!!

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Aaron Zimmerle, and I writing this professional reference in support of Nathan Helberg and his unique system of functional body weight training known as ZUU. I have actively trained in ZUU for over 3 years and can attest to the marked improvements in cardio vascular and pulmonary health as well as the measurable gains in strength and mobility that this modality of training brings.

As the director of Chisel Fitness Personal Training I was quick to acquire my Coaching Certification in ZUU as I saw the propensity for change that it brought for clients of wide ranging levels of fitness. The metabolic effect that ZUU’s interval training induces; due to elevated heart rate and whole body conditioning, has a positive effect in the glycolysis of blood sugars, which is essential in retarding obesity and the Type 2 diabetes. Two scourges of our current sedentary lifestyles.

I have also successfully used it to alleviate the pain that clients have due to poor posture and joint ROM, brought on from previous poor and non-functional training. This freedom of pain has greatly improved our client’s quality of life.

As an educator I have worked as a Senior PE and Biology teacher and coach at the Sports Excellence school PBC SHS for 11 years. In teaching our Certificate IV course in Fitness ZUU’s extensive range of safe and easily applied exercises have provided the framework on which our industry qualified students, progress into the Health and Fitness Industry. The underlying comment that my returning students have is that it is such a versatile training tool that allows them to adapt to the requirements and levels of each of their individual clients; even when training within a group environment.

My qualitative assessments of the benefits of ZUU are somewhat supported by my own background in elite sport (Gold Coast Titans Junior Reps S & C coach, NYC assistant coach, Tweed Seagulls Q Cup Head Coach), and my area of expertise which is my degree in Health Science and my Masters in Exercise Science. I am happy to share a paper with you that outlines the benefits of ZUU, for I have not a found a more safe, yet physiologically and mentally stimulating modality of training in the health and fitness industry in the last 17 years. My ultimate recommendation is that my 5 year old son does not do gymnastics, in which I am a firm believer of its health and physical benefits; instead he does ZUU with his dad.


Aaron Zimmerle

Director of Chisel-Fitness

Tweed Seagulls Head Coach

Senior Teacher PBC SHS




Never before had he felt such oppression...injustice..

superman 2-8.jpg

The next time you walk down a street, everybody you see has a dream. Some may seem deep in thought while others have a glazed look of almost desperation not knowing how they will achieve it or where to turn next?

You too may have lost your way in your own struggle...

The FightForDreamz is made up of many battles. The wear & tear of these can grind people down. Some get stuck in a rut believing their existence is to merely survive, week in & week out.

These people have lost their spark...forgotten their purpose..

superman 2-6.jpg

Like an ember that is removed from the slowly but surely loses its heat...loses its spark & dwindles away.  Move that same ember back into the raging fire & it soon regains its Heat...Power...Purpose..

Until there is nothing left, you must stay engaged in the thick of battle...fighting with everything you're worth. It is where you'll hone your skills...face fears most walk away from...burn the brightest & Find True Purpose...

When you FightForDreamz remember it is always worth it, for this is life...TheBattlez are many...for TheWarIsLong....

Although heavy from battle...weary from the struggle...he rose to his feet & unleashed his wrath...for TheFightForJustice ran through his was & always would be..his Purpose...SupCheRaManOfSteel..



When the going gets tough - Pushing through the pain barrier

When it comes to mental toughness as well as increasing your body’s ability to withstand pain, endurance athletes are one of the best in the business. Think Tour De France, Ironman Challenges, 250km road runs or even marathon runners. Pain barriers are common in any training you do, whether they are individual pain barriers (where everything hurts and you just want to stop) or general pain barriers (when you lose sight of your goals and feel like you no longer enjoy training). Through tough workouts you will build mental toughness.


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Eating & Training: How To Time It Right

Eating before and after training is something most people don't get right. You are either ravenous when you don’t want to be – during training – or not hungry when you should be – immediately after training. Or you experience the energy Bonk where your energy levels are depleted by the time you get around to training due to the foods you have eaten that day. If you are looking for ways to get back into sync the following info will help you coordinate your meals with your training schedule, based on the time of day you exercise. Whether you are an early or late riser, your body needs calories from carbohydrate, protein and other nutrients after you have finished exercising. A recovery meal will help fuel your morning at work, preventing post-exercise fatigue.

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ZUU Spreading Across The Globe

When I first started ZUU, there was no "grand plan" to it becoming a global training exercise platform.

It was just me in parks training to achieve goals I had personally set. I used to video exercises and combinations I would perform, go home and analyse the footage with the purpose of refining the combinations into a platform that would push me further the next time & the next time & the next time...

The rest as they say is history....

My journey of ZUU & now Ankorr has been a humbling experience on so many levels. I meet with world leaders in sports, conditioning, tactical & military applications. I also meet with everyday people on their own journey.

Whatever it is you dream of...Break them into goals...Then answer the WHY? you are doing it...Then drive with every fibre of your being & when the knocks come..learn to be resilient because the BattlezAreFrequent for TheWarIsLong...EeesaSupChe!!



Don't Hibernate This Winter, Get FIT!

Bad news - Winter's here and your body's chemical switch has flipped to storing more fat!! So to fix it get your blood pumping and your motor running. Studies show that people who are normally physically active are more protected from weight gain and the dreaded cold lurgy. If you can get in 30 minutes of active exercise most days you're on the way to keeping that switch on burning fat not storing it! The other thing to watch in Winter is - Your carb cravings skyrocket when the days get short.



Kicking Goals For You

Life is a pretty crazy ride sometimes. Often bumpy, a few mountains to climb and sometimes you can find yourself on a long stretch of boring road. We often get sick of the scenery but can't see any other roads to take. Training can be exactly the same and if what you're doing isn't getting you excited and scared at the same time then you might wanna think about changing it up. If you're lucky enough to have trained at ZUU HQ or in one of the gyms that have ZUU classes then you'll agree we are always innovating, trying new things and taking it up a few notches everytime. But with that said sometimes you can still get stagnant and it's up to you to recognise it and change. Otherwise you can find yourself dreading training, hating it and eventually giving up and wondering why your body looks the way it does. The thing is... there is no ‘1 way’. All ways are good. Take a bit of this, and a bit of that, and don’t listen to people who tell you that their way is the only way.



Breaking The Habit

Moments of chaos enslaved him...

Can't change something in your life?

Habits can be both good and evil...

The power of choice is in your hands. People today want change in their lives but many haven't forgotten #OldSkoolWayz...meaning habits by nature are built on consistency & time.

Look to change something quickly in your life & you can often set yourself up for disappointment. Be prepared for the battles that will ensue...They will make you Battle Hardened...Hone Your Skill Set...

You see, as an example, many don't like to exercise. What they fail to realise is the circle of life...

Get consistency in one area & the principles will relate to the other areas, for they too are built on habits...consistency...discipline..

Those who tell you otherwise are lying to you...

With chaos consuming him, a reprieve came in the battle...a moment of if trapped in time..his purpose flashed before him...his cause, the fight for justice....the habits of GoodFightingEvil....SupRaManOfSteel..




Ankorr Heading To The U.S

With the innovation Ankorr brings. Its been invited to showcase in America & will deliver...why?

"We believe a good training tool speaks volumes without words...You'll speak for it"