What did his reflection reveal...

Why are people so afraid of change? Are you?

To reach goals you have set yourself, you may need to change things about yourself...your environment. This can be very confronting for some. They fail to realise that change means to replace, remove or shift.

When applied this can mean replacing some area in their life towards furthering their goal, which takes sacrifice. Removing, could be associates that do nothing to help encourage them with bettering themselves. Shift can mean a total reassessment of their life course & shifting direction to hone in on their target.

Whatever the case...you will need to constantly do one if not ALL of these on your road to living your dream.

 Nothings wrong with having a healthy fear of change...it keeps you humble, but don't let that fear engulf you to the point that you doubt your abilities. You start to over analyse things...start looking at all the "what if's" if you fail. Don't let other people's insecurities scare you either, that's their problem & will drag them down like a heavy weight that holds them back all their life unless they to...change.

 Some may laugh at the thought of being in charge of their life, they think that their boss, circumstances dictate their life's course...really? I know through my own experience & those that I work with, YOU are in control, YOU decide your life's course & if YOU choose to blame it on external factors...well, YOUR the one doing that.

The hardest door to open when it comes to change is your own...open that & you'll see chasing after dreams is what life's all about...aspiring to give more..to be more...is living life. Being truly happy with who you see in the mirror & what you fight for is all that matterz..

Coming to terms with what change involved..shaped one of the most feared...dependable...& eventual leader of DaXmen & ThaWolverineWazBorn...SupRaLogan!!