At times it seemed hopeless to continue for their foes were many...

When many think about change it becomes overwhelming...."It's hopeless" they say..

Understanding what "hopeless" means sheds light on their situation..perhaps your situation if you've felt the same? You see another way to describe hopeless is helpless...impossible...unachievable..

Everyone wants to better themselves in some aspect of thier life. When it comes to yours, I hope you've set the bar high with things you want to achieve!

There will be times when it seems overwhelming or you don't know which way to turn...

Although you may have these feelings remember it's never truly hopeless. I've seen the human spirit rise to many obstacles that seem unsurmountable, you probably know people yourselves that have done similar?

A common denominator among successful people is the WILL to continue no matter what...the attitude of never giving up. Sure some may have been born into money or have a unique skill set but I guarantee you without them, they'd still be a success simply because of their drive & determination. The more you persue your goal the greater the traction or momentum you'll build.

The dreams you want for yourself & family are never impossible or unachievable as some think. The reason you dream is because your current situation pains you. Change that pain to one of fighting for your dreams knowing every night when you've finished another's for a cause that's worthy...your future!

Hope is like an anchor that holds you true as the storm engulfs you...hang onto it with all your worth...fight for it with all your worth...obstacles will come as will the dream stealerz...but they will never succeed because the only one that can give up their dreams...their you..

Their cause ran through every fibre of their being...the onslaught would continue...only because CLEAR on their purpose they on their knees was never an the fight continued...SupDaWolverine!!