The urge to push onward was irresistible...what he lacked was...

If there's something you want to change in your life for the better, you need to understand the process involved. For many have the same thoughts but only few find their destination. Firstly, your dream needs to be broken down into smaller goals & questions need to be asked.

Is there a new skill set you need to acquire? Do you need to be more consistent? Do you need advice? Do you always procrastinate?

Go through the list of questions you've made up & answer them as honestly as possible. If you see your dream as something unachievable, or it just taking too long, you lack depth of character & unless that changes?...your dream will stay just that..

Others look at what's needed & immediately move to the next step of implementing the changes that need to occur. Night school perhaps to acquire that skill set. Design a schedule to see where time is being wasted so they can be more consistent. Actively look for someone living the goal they're after & ask for advice...finding a mentor. Finally stop talking about it & start walking it...

Don't think the battle stops here for many too get to this stage but invariably in my experience two things are always lacking if they still fail to progress...The Direction & Drive.

Direction is management..control..order. A knowing of what to do & where to go.

Drive is to urge..force..push onward. Its to carry through strongly. To work strive for with dynamic ability.

If you know someone with true drive, every time you speak to them they're always doing something! They never seem to rest...they seem to constantly progress forward. This is how you want to be...this is who you need to become. Behind that unstoppable force is the direction of where they want to be in life. They all have mentors & have become mentors themselves for others wanting to rise above it all.

In a life span they say you only have time to really master 1 maybe 2 things. You may not want to master them, but you want to be good enough that you reap the rewards to live a healthier life..a more prosperous life..leave a legacy for your children..

Well, this takes time & there's no time like the present. Start today by making a list of your goals. Write the hard hitting questions that need to be asked & start the'll never regret doing it but you will if you don't..

The strength of character was always there but he lacked the understanding that his dreams bestowed great unworthy he would remain until direction he accepted...only then would he live his dreams & a LeaderHeWouldBecome...SupRaThor!!