Combining the fundamentals of the nutrition workshop classes that the zuu offers will give you the knowledge of the importance of protein, whole foods  & good eating habits. Just to name a few. Training at an anaerobic threshold. Tapping into your fat reserves [ENERGY]. I now have a newfound level of energy that I thought I would never have beyond my wildest dreams.Take your body & wellbeing to a new level beyond your imagination. It will blow your mind the changers in your body will go through over a short period of time. From muscle GAIN to FAT LOSS toning of all muscle groups. Not to mention the new clothes you will soon have to buy.

Over the last 4 months of training at the ZUU I have gone from 1 session a week working my way up to 4

With my newfound level of energy & fitness I am now on the weekends riding 45 to 70 km on my racing bike & 10 to 20 km on the surf-racing ski.

Total wait loss to date 14 kg

XXL shirts down to L

10 cm of waistline

Do your self a favour &

Take your mind, body  & health on a journey that you will not forget!

THE ZUU is the secret of my on going success.

Bring on the six-pack


Cheers Glenn Harradine 

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